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"A custom mix of marketing media..."

"A custom mix of marketing media..."

“A custom mix of marketing media…”

Welcome to the world of the Marketing Doc. I once was called the MD of Marketing by a doctor, but that’s the closest I ever came to be a doctor.

Growing up as a child, I thought and at least told everyone that asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A doctor, I said. My first opportunity to become a doctor, or at least I thought, was my first job at the local pharmacy. I was now on the fast track to become a doctor.

My first day working at the pharmacy was dusting shelves and mopping floors. The second day was stocking shelves and cleaning the front windows outside in temperatures below freezing. On the third day, my mom came into the store and talked with the pharmacist. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to find out what was discussed!

When I got home, I found out the answer. It appears that my school grades were not even close to a Mensa level. I was just average after all. My dream was shattered at the grade school level but the real dagger was from my English teacher. She noted on my report card that I had excellent handwriting.

The MarketingDoc Blog is for anyone, from the small business owner or an employee in a larger organization, which wants to build better business.  Here you’ll find discussions about marketing strategy, traditional media such as direct mail, using social media, multi-channel communications, copywriting, marketing content, selling and the sales process, and the importance of contact management. I also publish two marketing communication newsletters, Direct Mail Success and On Target, love to do marketing training and enjoy making presentations.

My Promise and Commitment to You…

First, I promise that I will provide marketing information that is useful to the small business owner or marketing geeks just hanging out. If I am ever off base, try to pick me off with your comment or question. It usually leads to a lively exchange of words.
Second, the goal for this blog is to have a laugh or two and share valuable information using my 30 plus years as a business person in the field of marketing, and its subset, sales.
Third, my grades did improve, somewhat, and I received BA in Marketing. Maybe one of these days I’ll be honored with a doctorate, or just honored.
What’s up Doc? Beside adding a blog, I am revising my direct mail and marketing Web site, I added a Twitter account, MarketingDoc1 and working diligently on my Facebook page. During early fall. I will launch my small business Web site, I have a presentation to make on October 29th in Monterey, for the California Printing Industry West Conference. I updated my profile on LinkedIn and plan to do the same for
Here’s a question to get the communication flowing: Do your fall marketing plans call for traditional marketing, social media, or both. If both, what is the usage percentage of each?
Until the next time, enjoy the day.
Marketing Doc

It’s All About Copywriting Attracting Customers

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