The Summer of Free Speech and It’s all in Writing

IMG_0568after2_edited-1 To date, this summer, could possibly be known as Information Overload for 2010. I can’t recall ever receiving this  many offers for free articles, white papers, and even case studies. Is it because of the typical business slow down in July  and August or is it a sign that more companies are fighting to get new business?

 Add free webinars to the list as well. I have attended at least a dozen and find them quite enjoyable. As expected, some needed a bit of polishing, and two had misleading titles. These two went right into a selling mode of a product or service, they offered. I find this is not a good way to build your business or increase repeat sales. Did I just find a new way to say bait and switch?

Giving away free information is a good business building tactic and a relationship enhancer, but probably better suited for B2B marketing. Most B2B sales have a longer lead time than consumer sales especially when selling a service. As my mentor always said, “take your time setting the table because nobody is going to eat until their hungry.”

Today, that saying still has meaning. To be successful in content marketing, take the time to find out what your readers are interested in. Some may prefer the steak, others the vegetable, maybe the baked potatoes and certainly your dessert, but hopefully, all of it.

Remember, before anyone makes a commitment to buy, you need to understand their pang. Once you know what this pang is, you’ll know exactly what to serve on your place settings.

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