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What a great way to start your day. Did you ever hear that from a sales manager or the owner of the company?

If so, go look at your funnel. If it’s empty, tell your boss that marketing sets the table for sales, and your table is bare. Or, if you like your job, go out and try to sell something. But, here are a few ideas that can make your future selling time go a little smoother.

Start by looking closely at your company web site. Now days more people are on line with their iphones, BlackBerry’s, Facebook or LinkedIn, just naming a few. Does your company web site cater to these people?

Today more companies in the B2B space are designating their web site to lead generation. They want their site to be a source for information about the industry, how to use their products and services, and have it act like a media channel. If so, the web site copy must keep your visitors busy and interested. How does your company web site measure up? If your web site is like a few I reviewed, try this selling approach to bring yours up to speed.

You may want to ask a customer or two to assist you. Actually, more is better. Invite the customers to lunch who you really respect for their business savvy. Ask them what makes a vibrant and interesting web site? Ask them what you and your company can do better? You’ll have plenty of ideas for the next step – Your biggest sales presentation of the year.

Now create and then make your presentation to your management team. The presentation is your opportunity to help you sell more and better. It’s an opportunity for your company to get more proactive in lead generation. Use power point slides, literature such as industry papers or a case study you may have prepared, and don’t forget the great testimonials from your customers. You did get a few, correct?

If you’re a savvy sales person, you also made a new friend in marketing to assist you in the presentation. After all, they are preparing to set the table so everyone in the company can feast.

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