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Why did I start to blog

A blog is a great tool to communicate with your customers on a consistent basis and leave the selling for another day.

Plus, this blog content is a good source of information for their marketing efforts.

This blog will help tell my story about the new changes occurring in my company and share my marketing experiences with others.

It will separate me from the competition. It’s a great asset to use my MarketingDoc brand. Why? It’s not too smart for someone to steal another person or company’s story.

Listening and commenting are an important part of a social media program – a blog opens an opportunity to listen.

My company brand is what my market followers talk about online.

A blog is a good, no, a great way to increase customer loyalty.

Borrowing a term from B-to-B marketing it’s a great way to understand a person’s pain.

Being a solution provider shows leadership and weaves a path to the front door.

There’s more answers but these just came to me as I started typing. If you have others please let me know.

Until my next visit,

Enjoy your day! MarketingDoc

2 replies on “Why did I start to blog”

Hi Mike

Great blog. Great ideas. Love the creativity. It has really helped me think about new ways to run my business.


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