Where do you hang out?

I was doing my morning research, while enjoying cups of very strong coffee. It’s the only way I know how to get started on a Friday morning after a grueling workweek.

An article on Junta 42, the content marketing gurus, there was an overview from Ann Marie Kelly from Gfk MRI, who talked about consumer research and magazines.  There appeared to be an obvious amount of research, but the article honed in on how consumers engage in different media for a variety of reasons. Here’s the list:

  • Television (video) for entertainment.
  • Radio puts people in a good mood.
  • The internet is a key source of learning.
  • Magazines are for keeping up with the latest style and trends.
  • Newspapers to be informed with the latest news,

Without knowing all the particulars, there is some validity and a lot of room for opinions. Since I am in the direct marketing business, to me, the real reasons lie with your particular customers. You need to learn what channels your customers prefer to communicate. When you know that, you’ll have a better idea where your prospective buyers hang out as well.

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