Direct mail Marketing

Don’t you dare tell me where to go

marketingDoc_2Did you realize with today’s technology, there is an abundance of communication devices to tell you where to go and even how to get there? There is one communication tactic that even puts it in writing!clip_image002

Many businesses have found that this is a better way to communicate with customers and prospects. Direct mail is re-establishing itself as a leader in telling people where to go, and how to get there.

Developments in variable data printing and database marketing enable marketers to send targeted messages featuring high-quality imagery and creativity that attract buyers.

Even though postage costs have increased, direct mailers continue to see value and power in direct mail. For example, companies are using catalogs as a lead into the multi-channel marketing world. When someone buys on line, a mailed catalog will likely follow.

Landing pages are also becoming an accomplice to direct mail. They get readers the exact information they need to say yes and demonstrate how easy it is to place an order. Marketing can make a buying experience more enjoyable for the customer and measure the effectiveness of different advertisements with a landing page.

Another advantage of direct mail is to present the brand image the reader easily recognizes. He or she is reminded of an existing buying relationship. The brand image slices through the advertising clutter and increases the odds of an action.

Smart marketers in the business-to-business market are adding email to the direct mail mix. Not only does it lend to the branding image, it allows the marketer to be more relevant and maintain a higher rate of frequency.

Direct mail guides the recipient through the many different touch points of multi-channel marketing. Those marketers that integrate the direct mail database and online marketing sides of their businesses will continue to see success. Now is a great time to get on board and join the crowd.

The next time someone tells you where to go, ask them to put it in writing.


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