Why do I like working with small businesses?

marketingDoc_2A few years ago, a past associate of mine asked me that question. The reasoning was that it’s such a waste of time. There’s more money to make working with larger companies. Yada, yada, and more yada.

The biggest reason, for me, is the personal satisfaction. In simple terms, any small business is providing a product or service wanted by the market. The customer pays for the product or service during the exchange process. Everybody is happy.

If it was only that simple, there would never be a need for marketing. However, any small business needs marketing to grow the business by attracting new customers and repeat orders from existing customers.

What I always strive for in a working relationship, is to make it simple for the small business owner. If a small business has a good product to sell or a good service to provide, that is probably a leading indicator for success. If the small business owner has a desire to grow the business and understands that marketing can do it, the percentage rate of success goes much higher.DSC00008

In a few of my most recent posts, I discussed customer centric marketing, or in brief, CCM. A key point of CCM is to understand the customer, how a customer uses the product or service, and what other need(s) the product or service can provide. Sounds simple enough so most think they know the answers.

Then there is the issue of customer service or the lack of it. Again, most of the time good customer service is only an assumption. So ask yourself, do you really have a customer centric marketing program in place or are a few pieces missing? 

If you’re a small business owner looking for marketing answers, and you have a desire to grow your business, you came to the right place.

I know you have a business to run. I know marketing and how to teach it to you and your company. Together, you have the winning prescription to keep your company growth healthy for as long as you like.


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