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marketingDoc_2  Last year, I noticed a statistic from Symantec regarding email. 89% of all emails are spam!

  I get over 100 spam messages per day, and sometimes even more. In my estimation, that 89% number is realistic.Excess 

Back in the day, a mass direct mail campaign was lucky to generate a 1% response. In the B2B world that I reside in, using a segmented database and targeted messages, I averaged a 3 to 5% response rate.

When I combine the two channels, email and direct mail, the results are naturally higher. For example, I mailed 1500 post cards and directed the recipients to go to a web site for additional information and respond by entering an email address. The results: about 200 people visited the site and 36 left an email address for future communications.

Today, that email address database gets a 22% to 31% open rate. I have had less than a 1% opt-out rate in the past four years. It has generated a lot of business and built good business relationships.

No matter what channels you decide to communicate within your market, there is always a “no response” percentage you must anticipate. It may not be the 89% spam rate, although, it could be higher, but it is always immensely higher than the response rate. Let your market tell you their choice or choices for communication channels. You’ll see your response rate escalate.

And, while you’re at it, help them on the escalator by making sure the message is targeted.

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