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marketingDoc_2In my last post, I posed the following question.

“What is the single most important element when it comes to creating effective direct mail?”

“Is it the list? The message? The offer? Response options? Sending mail first class or standard?”

One answer does not make for a successful blog. So I put my thinking cap on (3 bottles of Two Brothers Brewing, North Wind Porter). Most of the readers probably thinks direct mail is about as interesting as reading a software license agreement.

However, to be perfectly honest with you (I’m not a politician so this is true), direct mail is a great marketing tool in the small business tactical toolbox. In order to prove my point, I’ll write a few posts starting today, to help you look at direct mail in a different light advertising for a small business. If you are in the B2C or B2B small business world, it will only take some tweaking to make it viable in either world. Click here to get a copy of my business-2-business tips.

Ready, set, read!

Direct mail is one of the best channels to be creative, to tell a compelling story, to wow the reader with design, to arouse curiosity, and even to use a lumpy, multi-dimensional piece that will certainly get the reader’s attention.

Our five senses allow us to smell, hear, taste, see, and touch. Marketing courses recommend using as many of the senses as possible when communicating with your market.IMG_1635

A direct mail package can engage more senses than most other channels, which enables direct mail to do a more effective job of selling your products or services.

Direct mail can get the reader’s attention, say what the product or service is, explain its features and benefits, and even show what it looks like. And you can even send along a sample to demonstrate the product.

The copy has to answer the readers’ questions, respond to their objections, and maybe even provide a form to take their credit card information while explaining the terms and conditions.

Copywriting is a creative art. Developing and designing direct mail is an art in itself. Listening to your customers and learning what they want takes the art form to the next level. Give me a call… I’d love to share my direct mail expertise with you.

If you have an interest in Two Brothers, brewing I can help answer a question or two there as well. But please no politics. I may have to go back onto my meds.

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