Getting Direct Mail Success or keeping you On Target has never been easier

mime-attachment hammer (22)One of my favorite projects at work is the writing, designing and publishing of two newsletters. These are Direct Mail Success and On Target. Direct Mail Success is published quarterly and On Target monthly.

Direct Mail Success is used by companies in the lettershop, direct marketing, fulfillment and printing companies nationwide. Most use it as an educational and information tool that they can send to their own customers and prospects on the use of direct mail and other traditional and social media channels. Each edition is personalized and customized so the finished product does not look like a canned publication. To read the latest version, please click here and then the logo header to open the newsletter.

I also host a group on LinkedIn appropriately titled, Direct Mail Success. It’s a new group so presently the traffic is a little slow. It will certainly increase over the next couple of months.

On Target focuses on social media channels used with traditional channels such as direct mail. It contains 2 or 3 informative articles that can help small businesses get a better return on their marketing dollar. It is considered more of a bulletin, laid out on a 8.5” x 11” sheet, printed both sides. You can see a sample of On Target by clicking here. If you would like your own PDF, just go to the Contact Us page and write, “I want to get On Target!”

Also, it you use direct mail in your business, you may be able to save on your postage costs by using one of my clients who process mail. Fill in your information on the contact us page on either web site and I’ll put you in touch with a company who can fill you in on all of the necessary information.



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