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InspectorPersonalization and color are a great combination and produce a significant increase in traditional direct mail responses and social media as well. However, just because you use color, do not forget the intricacies of personalization.

Personalization assumes that you know something about the people to whom you are mailing. It can be an effective way to keep customers coming back, but be careful how you use personalized mail. When you presume too much too soon –– what we call “presumptuous personalization” –– you could do more harm than good.

Here’s a simple and safe strategy.

Use a greater amount of personalization for house lists with customers who have purchased from you before. After all, you talk to them and they talk to you.

Online shoppers may have similar demographics, psychographics, and behaviors. You can create groups or segments of online shoppers and visitors that are both significant and manageable.

If you are unsure on the amount of personalization to use, test for relevance. Today’s customers demand that the products and information they are presented with be relevant. How do you feel when a company you frequent sends you a direct mail promotion with offers and recommendations for products that have nothing to do with previous purchases you’ve made or with the profile you’ve shared with them? Nothing drives a shopper away faster.


Pure beauty

Knowing who your customers are and what they need is a requirement to compete in today’s multi-channel world. Customers expect that you will know about them and their buying habits. So when you become familiar or even chummy with them, it is because they opened the door first.


Conversely, use less personalization when you haven’t previously done business with someone. If you use too much personalization with people you do not know, your prospects may see it as an invasion of privacy. It’s similar to assuming you can be on a first-name basis with the president and CEO of your biggest client before you have been formally introduced.


In summary, avoid “presumptuous personalization” until that door is opened a little more by the customer. Yes, it takes time, but not as much time or money as it takes to get a new customer. 


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