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Winning direct marketing is all coordination

A direct marketing campaign is rough on everyone involved in its strategy, creation, and deployment. It’s probably toughest for the creative people who must adapt their ideas – from start to finish. Strong coordination between the designer and the copywriter bring good results.

A_tight_ropeIn the design of a direct mail piece, the objective is not always to create a knock ’em down dead design. The main goal of the piece is to sell products or services. The copywriting sells, so to achieve this goal the copywriter must craft the best words to make this happen.

This is where heads start to butt. Whether it’s the design department or copywriters, everyone is very proud of their work, as they should be. A great idea without compelling words often goes unnoticed. Great words without design to attract the consumer’s attention are often doomed to oblivion. Great visual images without substantive words and ideas may fail to produce the desired outcome. copy_vs_design

As you can see, each is important. For example, readers of direct mail will overlook the best words and most monumental ideas unless something grabs their attention. The grabber for direct mail is design. It is the proper blend of color, shape, size, illustrations, photographs, and typography.

Good direct mail design attracts the eye to the page and makes the copy easy to read. Imagine receiving a piece in the mail with funky, hard-to-read type or bold colors that hurt the eyes. The reader’s hand will make the move to the trash can in three seconds or less.

So the next time someone criticizes your design, be prepared to listen; it’s the nature of the business. Your next direct marketing piece will be stronger because of the feedback. And getting the coordination of everyone involved becomes easier.

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