Success is sometimes best measured by spoonfuls.

I found that comment on the web a few months ago made by Rosemarie Rossetti, PhD, March 2007. We are in a period of time when it feels that a second is not fast enough. Every once in awhile, it’s a good idea to apply the brakes and slow down.

Recently, I had a client remind me that I should learn what the word brevity means to a writer. People don’t spend the time to read long winded writing. That’s only for our fine lawmakers. I admit, on some occasions, he is correct.

Remember the 4 P’s of marketing? They are product, price, place and promotion. They were renamed and reworded to provide a customer focus in 2005. Product was changed to a solution, promotion to information, price to value and place to access. This is commonly referred to as SIVA. The 4P’s sound better and are not a technology acronym.

ShuttleTo be honest with you, I have not read or heard about the 4 P’s in a long time. It matches today’s criteria for speed. You learn all you need to about marketing in four words, each beginning in the letter P.

It got me thinking, is there even a better selection of words to give me the true meaning of marketing today? In terms of speed, could it be communicate, connect, contribute, and convert? By convert, I mean into sales. Is speed connected with all four words?

It’s definitely fast in comprehension and will give you the opportunity to make a sale. There is just something missing. I believe people don’t buy a product, they buy a solution, in which I concur 100% with SIVA in that regard.

Maybe I need to add a fifth C to that terminology. Customer. Or better yet, Customer Care. Without caring for customer needs, can a company always convert?

This brings me to another question. If convert means sales, what C stands for value, as price does in the 4 P’s? What about the word cost? Probably not. Cost is a negative word, as in “what’s it going to cost me to fix the dishwasher?”

Maybe the “C” in customer is the only “C” marketers need to be concerned with. Is there still value in using the 4P’s as a guide for a company’s marketing? Let me know what you think. Vote for a capital P or a number of C’s, and we’ll know whatever the final total may be.

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