Postal Rate Increase by Mail Class as of April 17th

Mail BoxThere is no increase for first ounce of First Class mail for the general public.

After that first ounce, there is an increase of $.20 per ounce up to 3.5 ounces. This increase is a whopping 4.9% to 9.5%.

Many small businesses do not use the mail to their best advantage. If you think you need a hundred of thousands pieces of mail to get a special rate, think again.

For standard and non-profit mail, the rate increase is smaller and in some cases the rates are reduced. These rates are expected to increase less than one half percent. For example, standard letters weighing less than 3.3 oz., the current rate for 5-digit automation is .233. The new rate will be .237.

Here is a sample of the most popular classes of mail:

Standard Mail
Carrier Route Automation
Saturation 5-Digit
Current New Cur New
None .182 .182 .233 .237
NDC .148 .149 .199 .204
SCF .139 .139 .190 .194

To give you a better example of potential savings, recently a client mailed 5,000 post cards, 8.5 x 5.5 in size using standard mail, for approximately $.24 each. That rate is surely better than paying the full first-class rates. The rate increases for postal presort are minimal. Please click over to if you are interested in digesting all the rate adjustments.

First-class mail volumes were down again in January, 3.9% with a total of 6.62 billion pieces, compared with 2010. Conversely, Standard mail volume was up was up to 1.4% with a total of 6.38 billion pieces, also from January 2010.

If you are one of the small businesses that feel that Standard mail sits in a post office for weeks that is no longer true. Today’s automation rules are in place to get the mail delivered as soon as possible. I recommend you contact your local direct mail handling company and let them show you what they can do for you. Better yet, click here and I’ll send you the name of a client who knows how to get your mail delivered on time and on budget.

If you want to learn the latest news in direct mail visit my Postal Awareness web site.


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