Customer-Centric Marketing is buzzing!

The one nice thing about marketing, we always have buzzwords. Early and I mean early on in my career, I quickly learned the more I knew about my customer, the more successful I would be. No buzzword then, but I became known as a solution provider.

DMS_V801_Layout4_Page_2_Image_0001In my day, my database was a 3 by 5 index card file box with my notes on every company I visited, met, or hoped to meet. This last group was my prospects and past customers.

When I got into business for myself, I stood behind podiums to tell anyone who would listen, that this was the most important element you must have to build a successful marketing program.

Back in that day I called it relationship marketing, then it became one-to-one marketing based on Peppers and Rogers work, but now it’s Customer-Centric Marketing. The customer is the center of your universe and all your products and services must meet their needs and wants.

Many more times than not, people don’t buy products or services – they buy solutions. Why did people flock to the Apple I-phone? With gas getting close to $5 per gallon, how soon will electric vehicles be in strong demand? I could go on and on, but just give it some thought. This list is endless.

I’m sure you can find many different definitions of Customer-Centric Marketing. I like to use the KISS formula – Keep It Simple Stupid. I simply refer to Customer-Centric Marketing is to fulfill the needs and wants of each individual customer.

When you ask, you’ll learn that each individual customer has special needs. It’s up to you to find out what these needs are. Don’t be the same as any other company out there. Be unique in your customer’s eyes.

LightBulbv1 copyStill stuck for an idea? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. “What is the unique reason why a potential customer should change their mind and choose your company?”

If you like these ideas, the technology is there for you to use. Start simple. Collect data that is easy to capture. Make general assumptions, then test and analyze. Just in no-time you’ll have your own definition of CCM and Collecting Customers by the thousands. Only if the M in your world is equal to 1,000.

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