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A History Lesson

The Memorial Day Weekend is usually known for the first 3-day weekend that kicks off the summer season here in the Midwest. It is also a reminder of the many men and women who gave their lives for this country to protect our freedom. That is truly the main reason for this holiday weekend and a way […]

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This is Small Business Week in the US

There are a variety of programs that I am attending this week in the Chicago area, including one billed as a party. According to the SBA, there are 27.5 million small businesses in our country. A small business as defined by the SBA is an independent business having fewer than 500 employees. Based on these […]

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The 3 Most Important Marketing Recommendations I Would Make To You When Starting Your Own Business

I belong to many online discussion groups and communities serving small business in the B2B and B2C universe. I am also considered an expert in the use of direct mail as a communication tactic in a small business. I recently was involved in a discussion that asked the question, “If you could offer three suggestions […]

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Losing Customers can be prevented – here’s how

No matter how hard you try to keep a customer, a few do get away. But do you have any idea how costly it is? If the answer is no, you better start to track customer loss before it’s too late. A typical service business can lose 15% to 20% of its customer base every […]