This is Small Business Week in the US

DMS_V901_Layout 1_Page_2_Image_0007There are a variety of programs that I am attending this week in the Chicago area, including one billed as a party.

According to the SBA, there are 27.5 million small businesses in our country. A small business as defined by the SBA is an independent business having fewer than 500 employees. Based on these numbers, this could be a hell of a party. Hey, another hat for the small business employees, but one that they will look forward to wearing.

I consider myself a lucky individual that survived in the small business market. I have met and worked with many talented and gifted people serving in so many different industries. As a provider of marketing services where the results affect the bottom line, 99 times out of a 100, I met with the owner and/or the president of the company.

I have seen many business traits in the owner or president, in areas such as human resources, management, accounting, sales management and leadership in the past 35 years. There were some good ones, bad ones and some, just in the middle.

I always use a teaching method and share my knowledge of marketing to my customers. In return, I could learn from their experiences as well. Using this information, the marketing products and services I tailored for the customer where relevant and successful.

As a wise man once said, as soon as you stop learning, there is nothing left in life for you to enjoy. Learning something new is the fuel that keeps my motor running. Of course, my other fuel, food, also had an impact on my desire to succeed.

In honor of Small Business week, do something special. If you own the business, buy your team members a cup of coffee, maybe a donut or two, or even a lunch or dinner. If you work for a small business owner, buy him or her a lunch. Either way, it’s a good way to say thanks.

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