A History Lesson

The Memorial Day Weekend is usually known for the first 3-day weekend that kicks off the summer season here in the Midwest. It is also a reminder of the many men and women who gave their lives for this country to protect our freedom. That is truly the main reason for this holiday weekend and a way for all of us to remember and say thanks.

I enjoy reading history, especially the battles between countries fighting for their beliefs. There is a good marketing lesson attached to the battle fields. In order to fight a good battle and strive for a victory, the commanders of the armed forces develop strategies to defeat the enemy. The best strategy to combat the enemy and bring a Marketing and strategy victory is the reason for succeeding.

It’s no different in a small business. You need a strategy to take customers away from your competition. You need a strategy to grow your business. You need a strategy to succeed.

You need a strategy to communicate your features and benefits for your products and services. You need a strategy to determine what communication channels are the most effective to achieve the goals and objectives you have established for the quarter, the year, or whatever time period you decide on.

Usually, as soon as I type the word strategy on my computer, the computer lets out a deep, bassy groan. Even my computer realizes that the word strategy frightens a business person more than anything else.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Strategy is really your friend. On every winning team you’ll find a successful strategy. Building a strategy for your business is easy when you consider other words that begin with the letter “S.” In fact, I can show you and your staff how to use words that begin with the letter “S” to help you win many of the battles you fight every day to build better business. Please visit my web page for further information and then, give me a call or email me your question(s). It could just be the best first step you ever take.


It’s All About Copywriting Attracting Customers

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