Direct mail is not dead…

In fact it may breathe a little life into your communications.

Recently, I was putting the final touches on the copy for the latest edition of my publication, Direct Mail Success. In the lead article, “Testing ideas may help you focus,” I write about the use of focus groups with direct mail campaigns. In this same article, I also reminded the readers that successful direct mail is a direct result of testing, to test again and for a third time, test once more.

Most small businesses do not have the advantage of extensive testing mostly due to budget requirements, like making money. However, a small business has other options.

Just as a focus group gives you valuable data on the customer, a small business has the opportunity to gather important customer information by other means. Such as:

· storing collected customer data in a contact management system,

· the use of simple segmentation,

· using an “inquisitive” customer service routine,

· staging events to learn more about what their customers want,

· responding quicker to a customer need, and

· using a variety of communication channels to be heard and seen.

Surely there are more, but this is a good start to kick off your cranium activity.

There is one channel a small business should never overlook – the US Mail. Don’t laugh, everyone has a mail box but not everyone is on Facebook to look for your business. If you’re a B2B company, your message could be delivered to the right person at the right time. Businesses love to receive mail, especially envelopes with checks in them.

You may have also noted that the Post Office is hungry for business. There is less mail volume, especially in first class, so your mail has less competition in the mailbox or mail room. If done right, your message is read.

Additionally, direct mail can direct the reader to a web site, a landing page, or for the reader to scan a QR code with an iPhone. It’s a great leader for your reader to turn to other channels to learn more about what your business, what are you selling, or to act on your offer. Sending mail is not as costly when you use a mail service provider or a lettershop to help get your mail out and at a much lower cost than first class.

If you would like to read a copy of Direct Mail Success, please leave your email address here with the letters DMS in the subject line. In addition, you can get a free quarterly subscription from many of our direct mail customers who use Direct Mail Success as a marketing tactic. Just click on the referral cop picture and add the necessary information. 


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