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Is email a first, second or last customer contact?

Before you answer that question, here are a few more to ponder.

  • Do you use an email newsletter to maintain contact with your customers, past customers and prospects?
  • If you answered yes and provide for the B2B market, what type of email do you use? Is it promotional, informational or a product announcement?
  • If you answered yes and exist in the B2C market, what type of email do you use?
  • When you receive an email from a B2B or a B2C do you look for great copy?
  • Does the design of the email entice you to look closer?
  • Or maybe there is an offer that grabs your attention?
  • What other communication channels does the sender use? Do they drive you to a web site? Or a video on YouTube? A business Facebook page?

I’m sorry about all of the questions and yes, this is not a test.

When planning an email campaign you do have a lot of options. The questions above are just a start and should be in everyone’s planning strategy for email marketing.

  • Do your email recipients know who you are?

A strong from label is just like seeing and greeting a friend on the street. So the from label in your marketing email needs to be recognizable.

I’ve seen this one overlooked many times. Recently, I downloaded a white paper from a company I was not familiar with. I had received a few emails from them but simply ignored them because I did not recognize the sender and the email address. The introduction is very important if you want the contact to read and act on what is written in the email.

Even if the receiver makes it past the from label, the next important component of your email is the subject line. If you don’t give them a reason to open your email, all your back end work is wasted.

I’ve experimented with short and long subjects, but if your subject line is catchy and works well with the content, it may not matter. It’s what you say that gets the reader’s attention.

There is obviously more to a successful marketing email, but these two seem to get overlooked the most.

On a final note…

Your list of contacts is the most important part of a marketing campaign. There are many ways to get email addresses, but buying a list of email addresses is not one I would recommend.

Make sure you have the “sign up to my email list” posted very prominently on your web site. Use the archive email program and remind web visitors to read past issues and sign up for future emails.

If you want more information on using your web site for lead generation, request my FREE informative article, “Web Site Checklist – Lead Generation,” Report# MCG265. After reading my article, if you feel you are doing everything in the checklist, send it back to me with your answers, and I’ll give you a grade!


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