Is there a sleeping giant for marketing small to mid-size businesses?

Did you know…

Direct Mail Represents 52% of Total Mail Volume in the United States.1

The USPS processes 391,000 pieces of mail a minute and processed 41.5 million address changes in 2010. 2

A whopping 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered and 77% sort through it immediately.3

Do you have a question?

A day doesn’t go by that someone asks a customer of mine, “What kind of response will I get – or someone told me a stamp is better than indicia, what do you think?” These are only just a few good questions that they run into and usually answer with “it depends.”

A goal for my customers is to develop long term business relationships. Most if not all of the mailings and other communication tactics (email, QR codes, landing pages) they handle is about making money from a service, product, or a cause. With so much competition for dollars and cents, it takes a well-coordinated communication plan for people to dig into their wallets and spend the money for their needs.

It certainly takes more than a one-time direct mailing to get people to part with those dollars and cents. That’s why it makes sense to call a customer of mine first when you start to plan any type of marketing communication program.

You can’t and shouldn’t rule out direct mail. Look again at the numbers above. Your marketing dollars are too valuable to waste on a campaign that may or not work. The next time you have a question about direct mail or postal issues, call us at 800-252-3608. I’ll connect you with an expert that has answers and ideas.

I consider it my duty to make sure your first or next campaign is running on all cylinders.

What are other businesses doing…

Businesses in the US spent $45.2 billion on direct mail advertising in 2010, marking a 3.1% increase from 2009 levels.4

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1 Deliver Magazine: DMA Fact book, 2010. 2 Deliver Magazine: Postal Facts 2011 3 Deliver Magazine: USPS.COM/directmail/benefits.htm 4 Deliver Magazine: Winterberry group Outlook 2011- What to expect in direct and digital marketing

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