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Do you recall the true definition of ASSUME?

I recently spoke with a caller regarding my take on customer-centric marketing, specifically customer information, and how it can help them with their lead generation. Their company sells communication devices in the B2B market. Their list of customers and prospects contains about 2500 names and of those names, 1200 or so have an email address. […]

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Do you say tomato or tomatoe?

     Why you should care if your customer’s prefer one or the other or neither? August is one of those `tweener months. It’s still summer but you know fall is right around the corner. For us living in the Midwest and enjoy gardening, a lot of what we planted is close to reaching our plates, […]

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How valuable is your marketing list?

First, don’t even call it a list. When you hear the word “list” you may think of a very long Xmas list when you were in the 6th grade? Or maybe that famous to-do list still on your corkboard from 1999? Or is it the most famous “honey-do” list and I don’t mean melons, but […]