How valuable is your marketing list?

First, don’t even call it a list. When you hear the word “list” you may think of a very long Xmas list when you were in the 6th grade? Or maybe that famous to-do list still on your corkboard from 1999? Or is it the most famous “honey-do” list and I don’t mean melons, but the list of things you need to do around the house this year?
OK, MarketingDoc, I get it, but tell me what you really mean?   

Everyone trying to sell something to someone needs a list of contacts. Oops, I used the word list again.  

What I really mean is for you to think of your list as a very, valuable asset. If you enjoy a game of poker, think that each list contact is a gaming chip. Different chips have different value. However, they all have some value to your organization. These chips are your customers and potential customers known as prospects. Customers give you cash, and prospects are thinking about it.  

With chips, you arrange them by their value, or what each chip is worth when you cash it in. See, you’re starting to feel better already by forgetting that dreaded “L” word. You can even visualize a stack of chips, or better yet, two, three or four stacks of chips. All of these chips placed together have a lot of value to you and your organization.   

Call them what you like, (a contact chip list?) but the information about each chip, placed in a contact management program, segmented, communicated to with relevant information, and at a frequency that meets their needs, has more value to your organization than just about 99% more than anything else.   

Money in the bank Whatever you call them, you can take it to the bank. Let me know what you think.  





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