Do you say tomato or tomatoe?

     Why you should care if your customer’s prefer one or the other or neither?

August is one of those `tweener months. It’s still summer but you know fall is right around the corner.

For us living in the Midwest and enjoy gardening, a lot of what we planted is close to reaching our plates, if they have not already. I’m talking about vegetables such as green beans, great salad fixings of green and red peppers, cucumbers and my favorite, the tomato.

It also takes me back to my youth. My mother was an outstanding gardener of fruits, vegetables and flowers. My father enjoyed baking bread. I could smell that bread baking a block away if the wind was blowing correctly. This always turned my walk home into a run.

As I ran up to the back door of our screened-in porch, my father met me with precise instructions; go pick a few of the largest red tomatoes in our garden. I had the easiest job. We always had big red tomatoes in August.

To this day, I can still remember watching the butter melt on a warm piece of white bread, fresh out of the oven. Topping it off with sweet, juicy red tomato slices straight from the vine was the ultimate summer treat I’ll never forget.

Today I can still replicate my youth. I have my mother’s green thumb and my wife knows how to make a mean loaf of French bread.

In the last three days I’ve picked over 100 tomatoes. As I stood there admiring my tomato crop, the tomatoes reminded me of customers. It could be your customers or mine, it really doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that each tomato is a little different than the next one. Take a look at my photo. Some have lines, crevices, a yellow tinge in spots, and big or small in size.

In a recent blog, the author called our present time frame, “the age of the customer.” The customer is more involved in selecting the right products or services that meet their needs. It’s what I call customer-focused. The customer is in the center of your marketing target for growth.

Businesses today need to learn as much as possible about their customers and transactions. It’s not as easy as looking at tomatoes and to make a mental note of the differences. A business needs to focus on what customers want and even how they think. Don’t fall into the trap of basing a major campaign on logic or a gut-feeling – it’s a formula for disaster.

If a business wants to grow, marketing needs certain customer information to acquire more customers from a list of prospective buyers. Marketing needs to determine what else the customer is willing to buy from them.

In order to make these decisions, a business needs marketing to get this information. Information is needed about the purchase, the delivery, how it was bought, and many of the other contact points when a customer interacts with the company.

Take another look at the tomatoes. You will probably see more of a difference in each tomato than the previous photo. I don’t mean just the hat, either.

Nature gave me this post idea. The two tomatoes in the back were connected on the same vine, the other two are extremely small, and the one with the hat has a big nose.

Using customer collected data, when you put their traits into a series of customer profiles, communicate to them in their preferred channel, you’ll have an opportunity to make a sale.

Remember, they may taste like a tomato, have the color of a tomato, and grew on the same vine as the other tomatoes. So they must be a tomato.

However, that is certainly not the right way to paint a customer profile. Let me know what you think.

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