What is the Number One problem with marketing communications today?

Hint: It’s the same problem I’ve seen for over 20 years!

I recently attended a conference on marketing automation. There were numerous speakers with exciting and great information on a variety of marketing topics and practices about profiling your customer of today.

At the end of the conference, during a Q&A session, I asked the following: “Everything Ive heard today about reaching customers and prospects is based on good, accurate, clean and up-to-date data. I also heard a few nightmarish stories that when a company uses less than good, accurate, clean and up-to-date information in their marketing communications, goals and objectives are not reached.”

“Here’s my three-part question. How often do you see good, accurate, clean and up-to-date customer and prospect data in a company database? If your answer is not often, then do companies realize the value of good, accurate, clean and up-to-date customer data is paramount to great marketing communications, customer service, sales, and revenue? If the answer is yes, why do companies continually fail to collect and analyze good data?”

“I’ll sit down and wait for my answer.”

While Im waiting for my answer, maybe you can offer your opinion and suggestions on how to make this age-old problem disappear?


It’s All About Copywriting Attracting Customers

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