Why do millions of businesses waste money on their marketing?

Every day, small businesses struggle with the expense and decisions that are needed for marketing and sales to bring in the customers. Now you have an opportunity to save thousands of dollars on eliminating wasted marketing efforts.

To eliminate wasted dollars and increase response, I have created a new and innovative marketing advantage for businesses nationwide. If you work in a small business, you know it’s important that marketing is running like a high performance engine or better! It’s vital not to waste money on poor or outdated marketing efforts.

I call this marketing advantage the Smart Start program. Smart Start is a personalized marketing analysis and assessment for businesses who want to reach their growth potential. The time is now for a marketing assessment.

The value of a Smart Start, is a great start to get the traction you need from marketing to succeed in today’s market. It uses a team approach to get everyone in the company to focus on customer needs and service. It’s an analysis of what a company is doing right, wrong and what they need to add to make their marketing functions move to the highest level.

I created the Smart Start assessment based on my 30+ years of experience in marketing and sales. I use the tools that I learned while working with 100’s of companies that always brought in the results. It’s the how’s and why’s that a company must have to move toward being a leader in their market place.

During the Smart Start assessment program I present ideas as we move through the program based on what I see and hear. Some can be incorporated in the short term to kick start the change philosophy in your company.

To learn more about this money saving program visit the Marketing Communications Group web site and the Direct Mail Company site as well for additional information.

The history behind Smart Start and Direct Marketing Success for the Small Business.

Marketing issues a business must consider to achieve growth are:

  • All companies need to do a better job with their marketing. This includes customer service, management of a marketing team, the sales force and from the corner office.
  • A small business must focus on their customers. Customers are more vocal about their likes and dislikes. If a company does not react to either, the future for that company does not look so rosy, and employees may lose their job. Successful companies believe in the strength of a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy.
  • While capturing more customer information, companies need a place to store this information. As you begin to store the data in a customer contact management program, it needs a preliminary analysis and segmentation. The real caveat is using a customer contact management every day and reacting to the results from the analysis.
  • Additional analytical thinking of customer needs and reactions to messages is becoming more of a standard of a good sound marketing team. Keep the data flowing to the team and keep testing the various ideas that come out of the teams thought process.
  • Multi-channel communication is a necessity to increase your marketing response. As you add more choices in your marketing messaging, your response will increase proportionately.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share a few of the ideas in using the Smart Start Assessment.

If you have a question or two on the implementation of a Smart Start Assessment for your company, give me a call. There is never a cost or obligation. Never.

If you would like to learn more, please call me direct at 800-251-3608. Remember, I do make house calls. The longer you wait the more dollars you can waste.


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