When you think of business growth, there is only one formula you need…

MD + CCM x 2 = Dollars and Sense

To us at Marketing Communication Group, it’s placing your customer at the center of everything you do to sell your products and services. It’s production of your product, creation of the services and so forth. It’s everything a company does to exist and grow.

For example, there are so many communication channels available to your customers and what they say can have a big impact. The only way to make sure of what a customer may say about your company to other people is to do what your company says it will do.

A small business does not have a vault full of cash for a “do-over.” Recently a rather large cable company had to change their company product name because their market viewed them in an extremely negative light. The amount for their do-over may be inconsequential to them but it can be fatal for a small business.

The first CCM

Implementing a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy is not as imposing as you may think. Take a look at the diagram. At the center core of your business world are the company’s customers. They need to understand your product or service features and benefits. You need to know what they want and why they buy. There are a lot of similarities between customers and prospects, but differences as well. This takes us to the outer core in the diagram.

The second CCM

In the outer core there are two main marketing tools at our disposal. The first are the customer profiles based on buying decision segments and demographics of the customers. A Customer-Contact Management system houses this data.

Not just any data, but good data that is ready to go to work for you. That’s a nice way to say the data is fresh. If your company database has data files that are 24 to 36 months old without any updates, simply delete them from all computers and hard drives, never to be seen again.

Now make your data fresh. Start a simple analysis of the data. I usually look at geographic, good customer, good prospect, SIC, revenue, title, industry, or just about anything that yields a better view of the data. In this step, simple is better. As you move forward you’ll have a better idea of the best segments and customer profiles to use.

Meld the two CCM’s together

When you put the two CCM’s together, it yields a custom marketing strategy, built on the collected data. You don’t just collect the data but you develop insights using analysis. Analytics help you determine which customers are worth devoting a lot of attention to, and which aren’t.

The two CCM’s together help you make sound decisions and develop testing procedures for better results. This is MCG’s Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy. As additional customer and prospect information is collected and analyzed, the strategy grows to keep the company’s goals and objectives within reach.

Now you know the communication tactics to select

Circling around our core is the universe of many tactical marketing communication channels. Some of these are the traditional channels such as direct mail or display and print advertising. The other channels are social media and even anything new that evolves from the channel selection that may start revolving around your business planet.

All you need to know about is what your customers prefer to use. It’s what your company says and how the message is delivered. That can make a significant difference in how your company success is measured.

If you’d like to get to this place in your business, our marketing health assessment and analysis program, Smart Start, is the right start for you. Visit our web site for further details, request our case study on Pabst Brewing (MCG1111), and then call me with your questions and more importantly, a time to schedule your Smart Start.



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