Looking for valuable resources in all the right places!

Trying to find a valuable employee is not easy… neither is running a small business.

There are many ways for the average small businesses to grow their business – advertising, marketing, public relations, and sales, just naming a few of the major functions. Next, just add the right people and you’re ready to rock. This may sound a lot easier than going to a dating web site and find that special person. Or is it?

Do you have the right human resources on staff or on call to properly execute these functions? For example, is there a person or persons on your management or sales team of professionals that may be potential leaders? Do they have a vision and a focus to meet the company’s goals and objectives using these functions? Do they have an analytical mind? Do they treat your customers like they are their own? Are they always looking for solution to a problem?

Hmmm… Maybe a dating site is a lot easier.

All these intuitive traits are valuable to a small business today. It’s important that a company never assumes what their customers need and want. Neither should your employees. A customer has more control of the buying process than ever before. The customer can be your advocate and tell all their friends. Unfortunately, the opposite result is also true.

So how do you find these people?

If you’ve been in small business for a while, you know it’s not easy to find good people. They are out there, so take your time. When you piece together your Customer-Centric Marketing (CCM) strategy and customer profiles, use these key marketing thoughts to help you determine good employee traits.

You need to sell your company to enthusiastic people who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career. Use the same selling points with the passion as you would with a prospect and customer. Good people are out there but it takes time to build an employee profile and find the right person.

Jot down a lot of notes, either good or bad, as the foundation for a how-to handbook for customer communication and service for employees. Meet with your sales team, or if you are the sales team, plan to build a chapter in this customer service handbook on what you learned on how not lose a potential customer. Good sales people understand the value  of solutions your product or service offers. The value of sharing this information is immense.

Training employee’s for correct customer communication.

More times than not, the word “sales” make people shake and they do not want anything to do with sales. However, some people can become very good at customer service via other communication channels other than face-to-face.

Reminder, it takes time to carefully develop department profiles of employees on how to interact with customers and prospects. As your customer’s and prospect’s change, so must your customer service and sales team. You may just find the right person for the right job a lot easier than using a date matching web site. Plus, you’ll be very happy when you do find that person. In fact, you’ll be lovin’ it!

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