A strategy could be as simple as providing a solution

Most marketers will agree that there is a lot of value in taking time to learn more about your customers. After all, you have designed a product or service to sell to earn revenue. Just as anyone else, you need the dollars to pay your bills and make a profit.

Some people reading this post will disagree on spending a lot of time to try and understand their customer. Keep in mind, they are essential products and services people need on a daily basis. Some products or services are purchased out of habit and some are “I just got to have a pair of those…”

In the present economy, people have become more thoughtful when making a purchase. In some instances, more lead time is necessitated before a product or service is purchased. Apple is a good example of a company who understands their customers. It also doesn’t hurt that they use an innovation strategy to attract a very loyal clientele.

If you are or work in a small business, it takes a lot of luck and work to succeed with an innovative strategy. It certainly would not be my first choice. However, you can take the mindset of one such strategy and be known in the industry as a “solution provider.”

For example in marketing 101, people don’t buy a product, they buy a solution. Let’s say the weather forecast calls for the first snow storm of the year of dropping 8” to 12” of snow.

If you’re a sixty-five year old male with a history of heart trouble, your best solution is a snow plow service. If you are a forty-two year old in decent health, maybe it’s time for your first snow thrower. Finally, if you are a twenty-two year old living at home, a brand new aluminum snow shovel is your solution.

As you can see there are 3 different vertical markets that need a solution and each solution is different. When you make it a goal to find out more about your customers you may find a variety of ways to become a solution provider. A lot less of your words will fall on a deaf ear or a blind eye.

A customer-centric market strategy is a good option for many small businesses today. It quite simply knows what your customers think and what they want. It answers the simple question of what people buy – solutions.

A customer-centric marketing strategy takes time because you are always learning more about your customer. But that is a good thing. You’ll sell more product and services and get more happy customers. And happy customers tell their friends.

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