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As promised, below is some free stuff to read that may wet your appetite to learn more.

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Case Study – Is the customer always right? When it comes to his or her beer, yes, the customer is always right.

Readers of my blog, visitors to my web sites, stories in my social media and newsletter publications, On Target and Direct Mail Success, know I place an extraordinary value on a business strategy that take time and effort to learn about their customers. I speak about the significance of a Customer-Centric Marketing (CCM) strategy like a politician courting voters during a run for office. So then, what is CCM? A simple twenty-six word definition – Click here to request MCG1111

White paper – “The Right Notes in your Direct Mail… Make Beautiful Music for Your Customer’s Ears and Your Accounting Department!”

When you look at any direct mail, do you look for great copy? Does the design of the direct mail entice you to look closer? Maybe it’s the offer that grabs your attention? What other communication channels does the sender use to persuade your interaction? Or, do you simply wonder how they got your name, Ms. Occupant? Click here to request DMCM300

Special report, (originally posted on the Community Users Board, Constant Contact, November 7, 2011) – Need to kick-start your Small business? Think of the letter “S”… then a word that begins with “S” that is $uper!

In my first corporate life with a Fortune 1000 company, I worked with engineers at energy companies, climbing smokestacks to inspect them. Engineers love solutions to their complex problems. So, I became known as a solution provider. I used my photography skill set – bringing the problem down to earth so my customers could see problems first hand and hear my words of why and how to fix it. Note: An additional report is offered within the article. Click here to request MCG223

Publication, Direct Mail Success – Articles: “Give it to marketing! The Marketing 101 Primer for Direct Mail. Copywriting is a creative art. What’s new in marketing? Get Back to Direct Mail Basics.” Click here to request MCG-DMS

Article, “Seven key questions you need to ask before leaving on an email flight… and the significance of knowing the answers before you take off!”

Is email marketing somewhat confusing? There is a difference based on the intention of the email campaign. A thought provoking article that just might change the way you think about and use email. Click here to request MCG145

Article, “There was never a better time to start remodeling your company database.”

Here’s the blueprint for success. Today’s customers and prospective customers can be reached by using one or more marketing channel tactics. There’s email, Facebook, Twitter, Web sites, telephone, and direct mail – just naming a few choices in the new world of multi-channel communications. Click here to request MCG250

Publication, On Target – Articles: “Don’t let the lack of content slow down or stop business communications. What your English Teacher Never Taught You about Persuasive Writing. Here are a few tips on your writing layout.” Click here to request MCG-OT

Gobble up a few today! I just had to write it.

How to get me a question or two on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 26th:

  • – Call 800-251-3608
  • – Post a question on this Blog, MarketingDoc
  • – If you question pertains to Multi-channel communications, such as email, direct mail or direct marketing go to the Contact Us page at DMCM
  • If you question pertains to the strategy of marketing a small business, such as Customer-Centric Marketing, Customer-Contact Management or an Assessment and Analysis of your company’s Marketing Health, go to the Contact Us Page at Marketing Communications Group
  • Post a question on my FB page
  • Tweet me a question to MarketingDoc1
  • Email at

Don’t forget my offer of a 15% price reduction for my Smart Start program – Assessment and analysis of your company’s marketing health.

Visit the web page for more information and then call me to see if your territory is available. Mention the Small Business Saturday promotion to save 15% of the regular cost.

I look forward to speaking or hearing from many of you this upcoming Saturday.


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