Listen up small business and jump on the digital movement

More small businesses are moving aggressively to online marketing. This was in a recently article I read that appeared in MarketingProfs referring to a recognized research study from BIA/Kelsey.

Small and mid-size companies continue to move marketing dollars to digital channels which are approximately 70% of the total marketing budgets of these companies.

Looking at the numbers in another way is that only 30% of their marketing budgets are staying with traditional advertising which was as high as 52% in the year 2010.

Even though the traditional marketing trend is flat, I am reading more companies are focusing on better response from marketing communications. For instance, many of the companies in the direct marketing and mail industry are moving toward more digital printing.GoodDeal_edited-1

The pace of digital print adoption will certainly continue to increase with a solid presence across the entire range of digital printing solutions. The market is quickly uncovering the new opportunities digital solutions offer in the areas of direct mail, transactional printing, book, newspaper and magazine publishing.

Personalization and targeting will continue to grow at a rapid pace, as customers begin to explore the many opportunities afforded by digital printing. Many of these companies are in the small to mid-size range.

Digital printing enables cost-effective short runs and adds to communication efficiencies. Using high-speed inkjet presses, imprinting systems for hybrid offset environments, and high-quality toner-based presses, enables users to employ personalization that drives higher response rates and builds stronger relationships with customers.

In direct mail, I see premiums (those gifts that are promised to prospects once they buy or donate) to increase steadily. Premiums are a great tool to turn the prospect into a customer, and mailers, even those considered a small business, are using them more than ever for prospecting to increase their customer base.

People have listened to many sermons on personalization as readers of this blog will attest to. With more competition for the prospect’s time, it only makes sense to leverage the data. No doubt, we’re seeing a significant increase in Variable Data Printing and personalization on mail pieces and expect this volume to steadily increase.

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