One and done

We’re not talking about the NCAA March Madness tournament where the first loss is the final loss. Or the child who ate her first piece of broccoli and then fled from the dinner table. The real meaning of the phrase “one and done,” is the marketing person who sat nervously by the phone waiting for it to ring, or the line to form at her business front door, after the direct mail or email hit their recipients mailbox.

This is an old story that again is happening as business people look for ways to get more business or not-for-profits, funds. Naturally, if they put more effort into processing data information, their phone would ring or someone would be waiting at the front door when they opened for business.

So how should you operate your next direct marketing message if you are this so-called marketing person? A red warning flag would pop up to me for any one of these responses.

· Yes, it was the same list we used in 2008 but why did that many people move and change their email address?

· Internally, we discussed buying a new list, but were unsure how many segments were in our list because we needed to finish that project. Every end of the year management meeting we set it as a goal for the new year.

· I told you we could only afford one mail drop and one email because we exhausted our budget on social marketing that will work, soon, I hope.

People get upset when their direct marketing message does not bring in the type of response they expected. As a business person I understand that quite well. After all, in marketing, we are only as good as our last marketing project, and that includes using traditional and social media.

Let’s use direct mail as an example

Undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail costs the average company using direct mail as a marketing message, today more than $3 per mail piece. And mail that doesn’t reach the intended recipient could seriously damage customer relationships. Companies who process direct mail are able to reduce and even prevent UAA mail easily and cost-effectively with the use of proper address management practices.

As the post office begins to implement postal automation, such as Intelligent Mail Barcodes, these firms who process direct mail are able to help customers track better results from their mailings. As of this writing, there is no confirmed deadline with the post office, but it is coming. In fact, many of the requirements are already in place today.

Is DATA now King?

Data is becoming more and more vital to help you receive the type of responses that will eliminate some of those questions listed above. A clean database is becoming more valuable as firms start to use other communication channels, especially mixing the use of traditional and social media marketing tactics.

Clean data allows your messages to be more relevant to the needs of the recipient. It also allows you to maintain a frequency that brings in the orders just when the customer is ready to order it.

You can maintain clean data using social media with your traditional media. Always ask for updates from your customers, such as email addresses, a postal address and maybe even a twitter address. It’s the age of the customer. The more you know, the more you can get in return. But more importantly, you’ll not be one and done.




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