It may be the same old song, but today people are listening and reacting.

I was out of town for a few days last week and had an opportunity to attend a “marketing the small business presentation.”

I attend seminars as often as possible because I’m able to hear what people are struggling with in their business. If the economy is truly getting better you wouldn’t guess it listening to this audience. And the size of the audience looking for marketing answers was close to standing room only (+100 people).

If you asked me to sum up what marketing strategies businesses are using, I would say it’s the proverbial “throw it against the wall and see what sticks,” strategy.

Business people are doing a poor job of marketing to their consumers. Their communication tactics are all over the board.

Some comments I heard: “I hear Facebook can get me a 100 likes per day if I do this.” Or, “Can I send the same email to my contacts every week?” Or, “The Post Office says I can mail to every address in my community as long as their name is Occupant.”

The tactics may be different but it’s the same story I have heard for the last 30 years. If a small business wants to see a successful marketing campaign, they should seek a professional marketing expert to help them connect with their market.

After all, most small businesses use an accountant and a law professional to assist in their business operations, so why not a marketing expert? Unfortunately, I have learned that many owners in small business don’t trust marketing.

If you have heard similar stories you’ll really enjoy reading these two posts found on this blog. The first one is appropriately titled “One and Done” and the second is, “If your web site copyright is dated 2010 (or earlier), it may be on life support.”

After you read the posts, my answer on why small business doesn’t trust marketing can be found between the lines. Number one, their marketing efforts are inconsistent and number two, they don’t take the time to understand their customers and prospects. With today’s ability to connect with customers, whatever you say must relate to your customers and prospects in your market.

Please share these posts with your colleagues and see if you can reach an agreement that poor marketing communication efforts are a result of my reasons I stated above.

If you need an expert to look at your marketing, please give me a call (800-251-3608) for a free one-to-one discussion. I can help you and your company to connect with your market.

One last point: This year is shaping up to be marketing content is king and the king connects. Pay close attention to your marketing content and make sure it is in line with your customer expectations. Good content can keep and get good customers.

Let me know what you think.


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