Give your heart some love and put some love into marketing

As most of you already know the month of February is National Heart Month. I’m almost certain that Valentine’s Day also had something to do with the selection of February. It was probably a very smart person in marketing who coupled the two together, thereby increasing awareness of how to have a happy and healthy heart.

Recently, I started to update the copy and photos on my Home page at Marketing Communications Group. One offering in particular is our analysis and assessment of a company’s present marketing health. The assessment also includes recommendations such as branding, of being known as a solution provider, employee involvement and interaction, goal setting, and teaching the value of the type of customer service your customers prefer, just naming a few.

Our goal is always to help a company do a better job in their marketing. This analysis and assessment is a critical measure a business should take rather than jumping on the marketing bandwagon with the very latest killer program. It’s costly and rarely works.

This program is a Smart Start for Smart Business. The phrase smart start led me to a lot more servings on the web about our all-important heart. Here are a couple of portions to get you thinking:

Get a smart start for your heart: EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST every day. Bananas, strawberries, yogurt and nuts are good for your heart.

Make a fist with one hand and fold your other hand over it. This is the size of your heart. Squeeze your hands together about 70 times in one minute. That’s what your heart does every minute of the day. Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day.

One of my favorite cereals is from Kellogg, appropriately called Smart Start. According to Kellogg their cereal has a lot of anti-oxidants, helps control cholesterol, and a good choice to eat smart.

MCG’s Smart Start for Smart Business, enables a company to focus on learning more about their customers and how to connect with them. At each connection, there’s an opportunity to gain more information, and to use that information to offer a better customer experience to all prospective and existing customers.

Our Smart Start for Smart Business is a great start to get the traction a company needs from marketing to succeed in today’s market. It uses a team approach to get everyone in the company to focus on customer needs and service. It’s an analysis of what a company is doing right, wrong and what they need to add to make their marketing functions move to the next level.

Smart Start for Smart Business uses the principles of a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy and is based on over 25 years of small business experience in advertising, sales and marketing. To see your desired results, you need to work on the changes you decide to undertake with any new marketing strategy. It’s truly a journey. With MCG on your side the journey to reach your goals become attainable.

Smart choices: Take good care of your heart: eat right and exercise. Take good care of your marketing: save money, get healthy results and increased revenue. Give your health some love and learn how to love your marketing. Learn more about the unique approach of the Smart Start for Smart Business.

The Smart Start for Smart Business has added an incentive for the month of February. Sign up for the program this month and receive over $700 of marketing advice in 2012 for free. Let me know what you think. Questions are always welcomed. Call me to determine if your territory is available – 800-251-3608.


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