Do I know the recipe for business success?

If you want an honest answer, I would say yes and no. I don’t mean to waffle on the question, but there are many correct answers. It all depends on what you consider a success.

Some people want buckets of money and nothing more. Others want peace of mind and the ability to provide a good living for themselves and their employees.

It’s not easy owning a business or even managing a business. Just because you have the guts to start one, doesn’t mean you are going to succeed.

If you believe in yourself, committed to long, hard work, and seek expertise from others, you do have a chance to succeed.

Don’t be afraid to hire people who may be smarter than you or fire those people who may be holding you back.

As in sports, a bit of good luck doesn’t hurt your chances for success. Remember, on any given day or night, the underdog will win. But luck can only take you so far. You need to make your own luck.

You need to embrace change. Something ventured is nothing lost if you learn from the venture. Like sports, you can be down and then you can be up. It’s all part of the business world.

You and only you can define your definition of success in the business world. I believe an ambitious person requires multi-levels of success. As I reached my first definition of success, I challenged myself with another definition.

I needed to push myself and reaching that next level of success was always a good catalyst for helping me succeed. Don’t take your eye off of the prize.

Taking small steps, some with more risk than others, and trying not to make the same mistake twice, was my recipe for success. Can it be yours?

Maybe yes, maybe no, or just maybe parts of your recipe for success will be realized. It depends on you. There are many recipes for business success. You need to choose one, add something new, do something less, eventually creating your own recipe. Then, you’ll have your answer.

Thoroughly enjoy each new recipe, and share the results with others. Remember – your next recipe for success is waiting.






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  1. Doc, you are so on point with this message. It took me a while to understand that *my* definition of success was important — not someone else’s. When I learned that, I accomplished things according to the results I desired to happen.

    I also agree that being successful in business requires hard work and determination, without the two – can be quite a challenge. I look forward to reading all your posts. Thanks!

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