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Give it to marketing! But really, what marketing decade or era to use?

Let’s say, in your company you manage the company’s marketing. In a small business, this usually means the owner or a manager has the added duty of marketing. In the last few years, a company using this marketing model may have run into a few problems. Besides the hat getting too big, let me explain.

In a larger company, marketing is departmentalized, using the team approach, and the person duly noted in the previous paragraph as a marketing manager, would undertake a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities. These responsibilities may include:

* developing and managing a direct marketing and communications campaign,

* managing relationships with key partners and customers,

* managing budgets,

* managing offline marketing activities such as direct mail, PR, advertising, events, and printed communications,

* working closely with the digital and social media marketing team, and

* ensuring consistency of communication and approach between online and offline media.

If you have all those responsibilities, how do you get anything done? In fact, it’s frightening and daunting at the same time. Do you have time to eat? Sleep? Say hi to your kids? The operative word in the beginning description is “may.”

Is marketing now more or less important in a small business?

If a small business has a considerable amount of employees, there is likely a marketing team built with people from other departments with marketing expertise and experience. Since there are many other responsibilities in an employee’s typical workday in a small business, this scenario is quite common. It’s also a good source for continued employment if you don’t mind a big hat.

Today’s marketing is about determining a need or finding a new opportunity to satisfy a customer’s latest desire. Markets have grown as many companies have gone global, and yes, even a small business. Once just local, a small business may reach out to customer’s city wide or even, nationwide. And communication channels have grown with the markets. Now, as a company, your communications need to shout louder than your competitors’.

Your customer has also changed.

Many customers are fed up with the interruptions caused by past marketing channels. Customers are skeptical and many companies need to rebuild their customers’ trust. Finding less interruptive messages with informational messages is a good first start.

Now there is more communication across channels. Communication is more two-way than ever before. The death of the salesman has led to the birth of multi-channel or cross media marketing communications. The use of social media means customers are more likely to make decisions based on the recommendations of their peers. That means you need to make more people aware and happy.

Define your company’s marketing manager duties.

More companies are seeing the benefit of adding marketing expertise to their marketing communications team. Marketing managers know their promotions need to focus on more relevant products for their customers and prospects.

Marketing managers are experimenting with communication channels and promotions that contain useful information. And they need more time to develop creative campaigns and designs that make their products stand out even more.

If this sounds like you and your team, take a step back to look at the “whole” picture. Marketing may not be “rocket science” but if you want your marketing to soar, you need to meet your customer needs with relevant products and services.

Add an expert to your team.

Get rid of the big hat. Adding an outside person to your small business marketing team makes sense. It can even make you more cents!

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think. Don’t keep it under your hat.




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