There is value in using a newsletter…

here’s how to extract it!

As I reach out to more companies through the use of the different marketing channels, I comment on direct marketing, and quite often I’m asked about direct mail and specifically my newsletter, Direct Mail Success. Direct Mail Success is a co-branded publication used by companies as a marketing tool in direct marketing, mail processing and printing.

In the past five years my biggest objection from prospective new customers is no one reads them. However, in the direct mail and printing industry, there so many variables that affect the delivery of a message, I found that if the content in each newsletter is informational and even educational, it is read.

Recently, I responded to a question in a LinkedIn Group, Marketing Communications, about the use of paper vs. electronic for a company newsletter.

Here are a few posts from the 41 totaled in 7 days:

1. No one reads them,

2. People do read them if they are informative, educational and relevant to their needs,

3. “I like paper. They are available when I want to read them”,

4. People like to read a newsletter at their leisure so electronic is quite handy,

5. Another group of people like to read a newsletter via email,

6. Email clutter was mentioned a few times creating a no read situation,

7. Long email newsletters are discarded,

8. Per Yahoo Style Guide, 80% of readers *scan* e-copy and only *read* about 30%,

9. People read from computer screens 25% slower than print,

10. Reading on a tablet is slower than print, and the smaller the device, the slower the reading,

11. Copy comprehension is about 50% on-screen compared to print,

12. We use our paper newsletter for sales calls and with all our proposals,

13. Email newsletters are easier to forward/share interesting content with colleagues and,

14. Writing and reading need adjustment to the channel used in delivery of the newsletter.

Value point: People do read newsletters if the information is relevant. If so, then broadcast this information across the many channels to connect with your audience. People have different technologies at their disposal. This has created another path for your message to connect with more people.

What I did to Direct Mail Success: Look at the answers above. People do read them if they are provide some value. Don’t call them a newsletter. Invent something new to reflect the technology and marketing challenges we are all facing.

Some people may want paper. Some prefer that an email is sent to them. They are good tools for sales calls, presentations and as a tag along with proposals. They work wonders in discussion with group members in LinkedIn. Create a creative article title and Tweet it. It’s a great tool to alert people of your service. With the new Facebook pages post an article and get a one-to-one conversation going. The uses for good content are endless.

Let me know what you think. I’ll respond to all comments and assist in helping your company start a content marketing program. I’ve used compelling and informational content as marketing and selling tools my whole professional career. I’ll show you how to extract that value you are missing. Add your email address in the comments below and request my free report, “Published Content As A Marketing Tool.” Or call me at 800-251-3608. Thanks for reading,


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