In B2B marketing, content can make you a king and your company rule

Business-2-Business Marketing is a different animal than consumer marketing. I like it and use it every single working day. In my opinion, business relationship building is the key ingredient. It’s probably the only instance where sales and marketing are the closest.

Early on in my career, I was asked to join my company’s sales team. I was never in a sales position before. I was very excited or extremely nervous, I couldn’t tell, but being a person who never turned down a challenge, I learned to embrace it.

I was fortunate because my three mentors, a boss, manager and sales person, had a combined 100+ years in the business. What I learned, not including the technical aspects, was that customers and prospects loved information. It was information that could make their company run more efficiently and take a few worries away from them. It was the first time I understood the true value of a win-win situation.

Lately, I see and read about companies using content as a marketing tool for marketing and sales. But in order to be successful, you need to consider hiring a person with publishing skills. It’s a world full of content that anyone can grasp from the web, blogs, social media, presentations, webinars, and newsletters, just naming a few. Communication channels are everywhere.

Not everyone can afford or have the time to publish great content, but if you’re in a marketing or sales position and see the value in a content strategy, you need to start thinking like a publisher. So starting today –

  • If you send out a newsletter you are a publisher.
  • As people stop to visit and read your web site copy, you are a publisher.
  • A company brochure, a post card promotion, or a presentation for prospects, means you’re a publisher of the copy.

However you decide to communicate as a publisher of content, the words and pictures you use and the logo of your company, all represent your company image and the value you bring to your customers. When you add it all up, you’re a publisher of content. Content is now a valuable component of your marketing toolkit that can separate your company from the competition.

Don’t be willy-nilly with your content. Today, when you decide to use content as a marketing tool, you need to think your company is a publisher. A publisher has a strategy for all its communications. There is a schedule for the communications. It’s a good idea to have a designated publisher, so your content is fresh, consistent, relevant, and most of all, tied to the goals set forth by your management team.

Anyone can publish content and use it as a marketing tool. But only a few can make it work. To learn more from my perspective, ask for a recently released paper, “Publishing Content as a Marketing Tool.” To get your free paper, please visit our web site. It’s a PDF file so it may take a few seconds to load.

You can also reach me at my direct line, 800-251-3608.

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