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Don’t break that connection!

Since I publish content on a higher frequency than most businesses, at times I take for granted on how natural it is to write marketing content.

Clients will tell me they wish writing was second nature to them. I respond with the typical, “that would put me out of business.”

There is a right way to write for many communication channels that basically should not be taken for granted.

Take direct mail (but not for granted). You can’t just sit down at your computer and have the copy ready for design in a few minutes. OK, some can but they’re probably not reading this blog.

There is a lot of work that goes into a direct mail campaign. Such as, what’s the strategy, the features and benefits of the product or services, who is it going to, what type of format and design to consider, and so on.

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To make my point about the complexities of successful direct mail, I had a discussion with a person at a gathering for small business owners and their employees, probably back in the 80’s, her comment was, “We tried direct mail once. It didn’t work.”

The key word, “once” does not make for a successful direct mail campaign. Believe it or not, I still hear that same excuse.

Today that excuse may be said for many of the other communication channels we use to connect with others in our market. There is email, sales meetings, web sites, presentations, a blog and many other new social media channels.

You may now ask, “what is the right way to say it, in the right channel that will work for me?”

The wrong way for finding the answer is to respond to an ad that goes something like this: “Join the latest and greatest marketing of all time, today! Hurry, before your competition signs up!” That hocus pocus mentality has never worked and left those who tried it, stranded and discouraged about all marketing.

I remind my clients that every connection made today is an opportunity. The follow through is up to you. A good follow through strengthens your relationships with clients and prospects. It’s important to nurture every connection you make. They are becoming a rare commodity.

Turn to your customers and take some time to learn more about them and their needs. Use this information to build a marketing communications strategy that ensures every contact with your market is a great connection.

Don’t break that connection – it’s tougher to re-connect.

If you had an experience in communication breakdown (not what Led Zeppelin sing about, that’s for a different website) please share.


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