Small Business Week

What does this mean? How do we celebrate small business week? Do I get a day off with pay?

These are just a few of the questions you may have regarding small business week (May 20th to 26th) here in the US. If you’re a consumer with money, visit a small business in your neighborhood, maybe one that you never visited before. Even if the building is small, it may not be a small business. So please, do your homework.

For those who sell to other businesses, (correctly known as B2B) check out a few websites for services or products you are considering to purchase. It may be a local print shop, office supply store, or Marketing Communications Group, that are all great ideas.

Here’s what I know. I’ve owned a small business since 1984 and worked for a few, so I have a great understanding of life in a small business. I was considering awarding a few small businesses a few cool prizes. How does this sound? Win a slightly used Yugo, low mileage (you’d never know if the engine would start), driven by an elderly couple who only used it to go to church and prayed they would make it back home.

I noticed consultants and gurus are offering some cool prizes for a small business owner. However, most of the prizes offered on each guru’s blog, website and newsletter are provided by their advertisers. I checked with all my advertisers and should hear something soon.

I hope.

Nothing yet.

Maybe next year. Opps, sorry Cub fans.

It’s always nice to win a prize. Once I entered a coloring contest on a box of cereal and won a pair of roller skates. Unfortunately it cost my parents a hospital bill for the damages to my knee when I went airborne over a curb.

So while I wait for my phone to ring, I thought if I could provide something that is worthwhile and not soon forgotten, it certainly would be a memorable prize.

Can you guess my secret? What if I offered my top secret marketing communication product that can increase your revenue and growth each year? Seriously, this is not a joke. It has worked for everyone that has implemented my secret into their marketing communications strategy.

I’ve promoted this top secret marketing communication strategy for over 25 years and presented it to over a thousand businesses. As marketing communications become more complex, you need to implement this strategy into your business if you want your company to grow and increase revenue.

I have made 100’s of presentations, written thousands of one on one reports, and today offer updated information on my top secret in the form of articles, special reports and case studies. I started using a teaching program in 1994 and consistently updated it to meet today’s marketing needs. My top secret marketing communication strategy is available to everyone in your organization responsible for company growth. It’s teamwork that brings the best out of all people involved.

If you’re serious about growth, this top secret marketing product is the perfect add-on to your marketing strategy and tactics.

Here’s your challenge. Read my blog articles, my websites copy, visit the press centers, and stop by the Constant Contact Community Board. Next, tell me what my top secret marketing communication product is. That’s all you need to do to take advantage of this small business offer to grow your company!

Once you think you have the answer, send it to me via email, post it on this blog or call 800-251-3608. If your answer is one of the correct answers I receive, I will graciously reduce the price of any product or service offered on MCG and/or DMCM.

Now that’s something any small business owner can enjoy! Get a deal and an opportunity to grow your business with tools that are built for growth.

If you need any help, I’ll add more hints in this blog to assist in your quest for my top secret marketing communication product.

Offer expires on the first day of summer, June 20th, 2012.

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