Customer-Centric Marketing Marketing Small business Strategy

Do I have all the answers to solve small businesses marketing problems?

Probably not, but most answers are already present in your business. Asking your customers relevant questions is a great start. Putting us on your team is a Smart Start.

When your company sends a marketing message to a customer or prospect, there is hope for a response.

Hope is not a good word in a small business marketing vocabulary. Unfortunately to many companies, hope is all they have to live for.

For example, “I hope you are having a good day, Ms. Prospect,” which can open the door to a lot of responses for an inside sales person to be bombarded with, and 99% of them are usually not good.

Hope is good when you buy a lottery ticket until you remember the real winner is the lottery.

Response is a good word. Good response from an email offer is great. A bad response from a customer about a product or service, if handled properly, can turn into a positive response. So, delete hope and use response.

Marketing is very subjective. Your customers and prospects are in charge of the buying process. To get that higher response you need to learn all the ways a customer and prospect will part with their money. When a problem occurs, customer service must have or create a solution to keep the customer.

Customers will come and go as they please. There are many different types of customers in your marketing list or database. A marketer must learn how to fulfill all the needs and wants of each customer with a strong desire to succeed, and doing it with a smile.

Developing a product or service based on customer needs and wants, and using specific marketing messages relevant to the customer may be difficult for some, but it is not impossible. More small businesses are doing it every day. They love the word response and purged the word hope from there marketing terminology.

Companies who place a value on great marketing have taken time to learn from their customers what makes their product or services better than the competition. It’s the little things that lead to bigger and better business. Even learning more about the competition is a good idea.

Once you start collecting the data and analyzing it, you’ll have clearer picture of your customers. It can also be many pictures with each picture deserving a relevant message. Plus, a clearer customer picture usually means a better understanding of the relationship between customer and company, which results in more sales. That’s a real win-win.

Visit the website, MCG. You’ll read about the small business marketing experience we offer, the value of learning more on customizing your business model, and creating customer profiles that allow your small business to grow through better and relevant marketing messages.

If you like what you read, send an email to or call us at 800-251-3608 for a no obligation session to learn what we can do for you. A Smart Start for your marketing might be just what the doctor ordered.





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