Don’t take your marketing for granted.

Marketing is relatively easy.

Just remember that:

  • Your customers are fickle.
  • Your prospects want to know more about your company. And more.
  • Marketing is subjective.

Start simple and stay the course.

My first business was an ad agency that I opened 1984. My target market was other small, B2B companies. I kept a local focus to avoid travel.

Based on my previous business experience I started to build customer profiles and also made a few assumptions. I used a direct mail sales letter to test my assumptions. Each letter was followed up with a phone call to see if my profile made sense and if my assumptions where out in left field or on target. I used the information I gathered to fine tune my profiles.

As my business moved forward, I kept making assumptions and testing these assumptions with my target market profiles. I learned early on in my research, change in the B2B market was the only constant.

Customer-Centric Marketing is smart marketing.

To this day, I still value the importance of having a customer focus, learning more about them and their needs. I work with many small businesses in a variety of industries, and understand how important it is to keep pace with changes and react to them with a response. Only today, I get the information much quicker by using analytics.

Today, more than in the past, it’s important to know as much as possible about your target customers by increasing communication and sharing your industry knowledge. Leadership and trust are very important elements of B2B marketing.

Marketing is easy.

When you consider that marketing is an investment of time and money, it becomes easy.

When in doubt of your marketing efforts, call on a professional.




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