What came first; relevancy or frequency of your marketing message?

Some may construe that question as one or the other, but the real answer is yes to both if you are always looking for a winning tactic and marketing channel.

For example, if I was having a face-to-face discussion with you and you asked the question, my return answer would be, “it depends on your marketing strategy.” If I got a puzzled look, which is rather frequent, I then would respond “it depends on your customer needs.” Another puzzled look for the second time means the answer is maybe and I’ve got some convincing to do.

What the puzzled look really means

Unfortunately, that means you’re a marketing tactical over-achiever on campaigns and an under-achiever on revenue.

Whether you have sales people on the street or need to get the job done on your own, many companies fail to go after the right kind of business.

What to do first — look at your company

You know what you do best… that is, what you’re best equipped to do from an equipment and manpower standpoint. So, in looking at prospects (at least for today), your best prospects to market to are probably those who can make the most of your current competencies.

Most people will know their customers and prospects general needs and wants but may not have this information in a Customer-Contact Management program. This results in “the shoot from the hip marketing campaign.”

Nothing is ever relevant in a “shoot from the hip campaign” and its frequency is curtailed by the campaigns poor response.

Now you need to…

Databases are more comprehensive than ever. Contact Management Systems are affordable and easy to use. Take what you know about your market, new business lists, vertical markets where you have experience, and build a “dream” list.

Develop a profile for your ideal client. It’s also wise to think in vertical markets. Then go there and develop that list.

While it really doesn’t matter to you, many companies like to know that you’ve had experience in their industry. Banks want to know you’ve worked with banks before… healthcare firms that you’ve worked with others in the industry… and so on.

Now that you know who you’re dealing with

Creating a relevant message is quite easy. Depending on the reaction to the message, the next message can be even more relevant to the prospect and customer. You can now achieve a greater response because you are talking their talk and having something they need to do better and easier.

Now to the right frequency

When it comes to direct marketing and advertising campaigns, frequency is everything. There’s no secret use of frequency, just do it enough that it makes an impression.

Depending on your customer profile, a message may need to reach your contact eight to ten times a quarter or a year. The only sure way to know is to listen and analyze your response. With many traditional and social channels to select from, the use of analytics makes your decisions a lot easier.

One last thing

This is not a one and done marketing campaign. Some of your messages may inform and educate. You can pitch a white paper or case study. Maybe you even have a specific email newsletter for the type of product or service they use. Finally, it can be an offer they can’t refuse.

Yes, it does take time. In most cases you need the time to build trust between your company and the contact. Once trust happens, you have a stronger commitment to maintain a contact and into a long time customer.

Marketing gets a lot easier once you get to know your prospects and customers. It’s simply being in the right place with the right message at the right time. Now you know which one came first – relevancy or frequency?

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