Is your marketing a cash cow… or just consumes buckets of cash?

The most important thing to know about marketing from the viewpoint of a business owner is that it touches every aspect of your operation. Everyone and every business process should be driven by the strongest desire to satisfy customer needs.

A lot of businesses who think along these lines might really mean it. Since nothing is 100% in marketing, some businesses who mean it, at times, may fail. If it was an honest mistake, the mistake can be corrected.

In a small business, it’s extremely important that everyone and every business process is driven by the strongest desire to satisfy customer needs.

Even the smallest mistake may cause a customer to bolt to the competition. In a small business, money lost may not be re-found, especially when compared to a larger company.

If customer problems are a frequent occurrence at your small business, it’s time to sound the alarm. I’ve seen how some business people use marketing in their business, and quite frankly their marketing may as well be considered dead.

I can honestly say that marketing is not dead. In my point of view, marketing is easy. Unfortunately, in a small business, marketing is misunderstood.

Most marketing methods a small business should do, such as learning more about their customer’s, placing this knowledge in a marketing database, and using it to communicate effectively, is neglected.

Generally, people prefer to use tactics without the necessary marketing strategy, which fail, cost money and waste time. That’s where the dead marketing issues come into play. Instead of feeding a cash cow, you’re feeding a dead cow.

Starting in September, I will start to publish a marketing series, with ideas and methods for a small business to use to get better results with their marketing. If your company is looking for growth, this series was designed with you in mind.

I will start each post in the series with a marketing question, add a little background about the question and, provide a typical small business response. I believe by now I have heard most of them.

I will provide valuable and useable  information to support my answer, and tell you if the question asked was a “Marketing Fable or a Reality.”

In fact, “Marketing Fable or a Reality” is the name of the series.

I encourage comments to have discussions on the particular subject proposed in the question.

So get your questions ready and send them to me at or post them here on this blog.

Thanks for reading. I’m hoping for a lot of questions. I’ve got a lot of good answers.




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