Marketing and pickled peppers

The final quarter of the year is close to reality.

I like this time of the year. The emails begin to pile up, the office phone rings more frequently and our email newsletter, DMCM, open rate begins to rise.

It’s also the arrival of the fifth P of marketing. For those readers who forgot, the four P’s of marketing are product, place, price and promotion. The fifth P of marketing is the most powerful. No, powerful is not the fifth P of marketing.

Since fall is the final season of the year, I promise not to get cute and say it’s phall. That may be cleaver, but the P I’m referring to is a true honest pain in the neck. Wrong again. It’s not pain.

The fifth P I’m referring to is pro·cras·ti·nate. Now what does procrastinate have to do with marketing?

Simply procrastinate means to “intentionally putting off the doing of something that should be done.”

This P can be traced back to early childhood arriving at the same time you were first assigned a homework assignment in school.

Why is P so prevalent in marketing? It’s because of another P word. It’s one of those four-letter words people in marketing just don’t like to say or do. PLAN!

Plan does not have to be a pain. If you planned a marketing plan and marketing strategy, the only planning you should be doing now, is planning for 2013.

It’s like Peter that picked a pack of pickled peppers. It may be hard to say five times real fast, but when you make planning a habit in marketing, your fifth P of marketing is powerful.

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