Every business has a story to tell… and it’s a great marketing idea to share yours!

Here’s why and how.

Whenever I meet with a prospective customer, I ask a lot of questions and listen. It’s not my time to talk.

I am always looking for a story.

People who start their own business have a great story to share with others.

In a previous profession, I use to climb chimneys and inspect them for damage. Not just any chimney, but the industrial type that on average, was about 600 feet in height.

In addition, on certain times of the year, the chimney may be out of service for maintenance. We had special rigging and equipment to inspect the inside of the chimney.

Not too many people are willing to climb or go inside such a tall chimney, so we became the eyes for our customer and uniquely presented our findings, using pictures and sometimes video. Every picture helped us tell our story. It added nicely to the bottom line.

Your business may not appear to be as unique as a chimney inspection business, but you probably have a hook to get a prospects’ attention that is stuck to a strong value proposition.

In our case, the outside chimney inspections were free but those on the inside were performed at a very nominal cost. Plus, not many people preferred to be 600 feet above ground, which limited our competition.

Any company that relied on energy for their source of revenue could not afford any downtime beyond allocated normal maintenance. Could you imagine your local utility calling you to say the power will be off for two weeks starting on Monday?

Here’s a great way to learn how to tell your business story.

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