Is your marketing in the hereafter?

What are your customers here after?

I recently attended a webinar by Marketing Prof’s and sponsored by bizo. What originally caught my eye was the title, “Tweets, Blogs, and Infographics – Oh My!”

By the name, it obviously was about social media. There were audience polling questions, data usage and how to select a correct channel or two to help a company cultivate their audience to make a purchase. Social media is a key for some companies, but it is only one piece of the puzzle.

About half-way through the program, one of the speakers, Frank Hale, came to a slide titled, “Focus on Your Customer.” After he expounded on the first bullet, “What are your customer personas?” he finished by saying that few marketers, big and small, fail to collect or incorrectly use customer data.

Those of you that read this blog know I have written on numerous occasions (click on the customer-centric marketing tag or the database category), by not creating customer profiles, you simply can’t get the marketing success you want to achieve. If so, your company marketing is operating in the hereafter!

Ask yourself a simple question. What are your customers here after? It’s not one answer but a host of many. Make a list of what customers and prospects are here after.

Then spend some time talking to customers and ask them the question. Shoot them a few reasons what other customers have said and note their reaction.

Along the way, envision what you can do with this information. Study your buying habits. What do you like when you are making a purchase?

I talk daily to people that are trying to sell me something I don’t need. I read email subject lines making me an offer I can’t refuse. Just because I own a business and live in the country, I get direct mail catalogs to replenish my inventory of parts for my farm equipment or materials for my shipping department that does not exist.

Do companies really know what their customers are here after?

My guess is the successful companies running their marketing in the present do. Let me know what you think.


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