Is it a Marketing Fable or a Reality?

Marketing Question…

“Our company has tried a variety of marketing using direct mail, email, and some social media such as Facebook. What I like about Facebook is how they share the number of visits to our page and even the number of likes. What else is available to use for collecting more data on who responded to a marketing message?”

Marketing Question Background…

Small businesses are constantly striving for better response rates, open rates, conversions, cost-per-order, and life time value. And what is the tool that these business owners hear time and time again? It’s testing, analytics, and evaluating the responses.

In small business marketing, there are plenty of elements to test — from subject lines, premiums, envelope sizes, list selects, pricing, the placement of the shopping cart on the web page — the choices seem endless.

A Typical Small Business Owner Response…

Testing may have the answers but it’s too costly for a small business. And yes the choices are daunting and are endless. Who has that much time to waste? Facebook gives us the data free. Is it possible to create a testing program to determine what type of marketing works and give us the results needed to make good decisions that don’t cost a fortune? Can a small business afford testing and if so, get results that are meaningful?

Is your answer a marketing fable or a reality?

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Is testing and analyzing data a fable or is it a reality for a small business?

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