Is this how all your customers look to you?

The term, Customer-Centric Marketing, has a variety of definitions.

The simple definition on our website is, Customer-Centric Marketing means to fulfill all the needs and wants of each customer with a passion to succeed, and doing it with a smile.

If you have a “Plain Jane” as the face of your marketing, you must read this post.

Customer-Centric Marketing is a strategy that a small business can use to build better business. Customers mean a lot more to a small business than the big companies. Then why should you think each customer is the same? Or a prospect is, well, a typical prospect?

If that’s your thinking, I’ll share my thoughts based on past experience to help change your mind.

There are too many marketing tools and not enough put to good use

A small business has many marketing tools at its disposal to help customers enjoy making their purchases. Unfortunately, many small businesses are not using them based on their customer needs. In fact, today, the crying from the corner office about the need for more sales, customers, and revenue, is not a difficult problem to solve.

When a company uses a Customer-Concentric Marketing Strategy, those cries from the corner office are eliminated. If you wonder how, here are just a few ideas using a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy to consider:

> Learn as much as you possibly can about customers.

> Share your thoughts and ideas with customers, such as becoming a solution provider, by piecing together a solution for your customer.

> Treat your customers with value added, no cost services.

> As you learn more about each customer, keep fulfilling the needs and wants of each customer – because a happy customer tells others.

> And when customers are happy, they leave you testimonials. Testimonials are a great addition to your marketing and sales team.

> Having a customer focus can help separate a small business from the competition.

Customer number one is every customer

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