Delivering Customer Value…

there’s more to it than meets the eye!

How many times have you procrastinated on completing a marketing project, and when you finally started it, one problem after another smacked you right upside the head? If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

According to my research (not scientific but based on real life experiences), 99 out of 100 people procrastinate because they’re afraid of failure, doom, and falling into the sinkhole of past marketing projects. To the majority of these 99, I offer you peace and resolution.

Since you are reading a blog from the MarketingDoc, let’s assume this peace and resolution I offer is directly correlated to the various marketing projects for your business. I do have an abundance of experience seeing and feeling the wrath of misguided marketing. These include but not limited to:

  • No marketing strategy (very high on the list) or using the one our founder created in the 60’s
  • Marketing tactics, tactics and using more tactics but seeing the same results
  • Everything marketing was recently updated, maybe in ‘04
  • It should ship tomorrow, but call me on the second Tuesday of next week

So, if fear of failure or doom is brought on by this nine letter word, marketing, I can offer some advice and maybe a bit of solace.

You can fool some of the people…

The blog article title, Delivering Customer Value, probably caught your attention, but by now you may be wondering what the previous paragraphs have to do with the title. It’s the fear factor. This fear factor causes marketing to grind to a halt and question their selection of promotions. There is never a sure thing. The marketing guessing game is like playing darts blindfolded. Sometimes you hit the bulls’ eye, but almost all the time you hit the bull.

The surest way I know to remove the marketing blindfold is to talk with your customers and let them tell you what customer value means to them. It’s a successful way to eliminate the marketing fear factor.

Marketing is this very broad umbrella hovering over your company with so many options but you never know for sure which one may work. Yes, marketing was once defined as the 4P’s (product, place, price and promotion) and to some it still works for them. Four P’s sound simple enough but in truth, it’s much more complicated, especially for a small business.

This is so true…

Here’s what you need to know that many firms already know and it works for them. The most important component of a company’s marketing today is providing goods and services to enhance the quality of life for their customers. As their customer’s needs change, the marketing of their products and services change as well.

  • Remember when a phone call was answered by a human?
  • An order arrived at the precise time, intact, the correct color and something added to the purchase free of charge.
  • The price you were given was the correct one and no hidden charges appeared on the invoice.

If this is what your customers believe is value, you have answers to work with. The truth is most people procrastinate with their marketing activities, because they are not sure what works. They do not have answers to enhance the decision process. If a company has deep pockets, they can get by, but not for long.

So stop now and get on board…

For your marketing to be successful, turn to your customers. They have all the answers you need for success. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised how many are willing to help.

So fill up that sinkhole with the past marketing doom and failures and cap it off for good. A customer focused company puts the joy back into marketing for the whole company as well as corporate and personal growth. And that is no bull.

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